Biographical Information
Alias The God of War
Sir Patrick Morgan
Relatives Zeus (Father)
Diana (half-sister)
Born Before 13,700,000,000 BC
Died November 1918
Affiliation Central Powers
Physical Description
Species Olympian God
Gender Male
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By David Thewlis
First Appearance Wonder Woman

 Ares  is an Olympian god, the son of Zeus and is known as the "God of War".


Early Life Edit

Ares was born on Olympus some time before 13,700,000,000 BC, and like the other gods ruled over Earth before the creation of Humanity.

War of Olympus Edit

At some point Ares believed his father had made a mistake in creating Humans, believing them to be easily corrupted and capable of great evil. He attempted to show the other gods he was right, by influencing the creation of new weapons leading to the outbreak of several wars.

His plan failed, as his father created the Amazons to restore peace in the world. In anger he attacked and killed the other gods until only he and his father were left. After a long battle Ares was defeated, and left severely weakened, while his father was fatally wounded. In his last act Zeus created a magical barrier to hide Themyscira, as well as his new born daughter from Ares.

World War 1 Edit

By the start of the 20th century Ares had secured a seat in the British government going by the name Patrick Morgan. After the start of the First World War, Ares used his powers to influence the creation of new poisons and weapons, manipulating both Isabel Maru and General Ludendorff in the hope that Humanity would destroy itself. Towards the end of the war, Steve Trevor returned from Themyscira with Diana and Dr. Maru's notebook, Ares immediately recognized her as both an Amazon and his half-sister but opted not to kill her. He instead decided to fund Trevor's mission to the Front hoping that Diana would see the evil of Humanity for herself and join him in destroying them.

After Diana killed Ludendorff, Ares appeared to her revealing the truth of her origin and her roll as the God Killer, telling her that he does not start wars merely influences new ideas and that Humans fight all on their own which is why they needed to be destroyed, so the world could return to the way it was before them. Diana refused and the two fought, with Ares dominating for the majority of the fight. After the death of Steve Trevor, Diana unlocked her godly powers and in sorrow and anger rampaged across the airfield. Ares tried to convince her to kill Maru, stating that she was the perfect example of how evil Humans could be.

After remembering Steve's final words to her Diana refused to kill Maru, in anger Ares charged a lightning attack to kill Diana, but she absorbed it and turned it back on him, finally killing him.

Abilities Edit

  • Super Strength: Ares is immensely strong and easily comparable to an empowered Kryptonian and superior to that of an Amazon.
  • Invulnerability: Ares is immune to any form of damage, such as blunt force trauma or extreme temperatures, with only another of the Gods of Olympus or a demigod like Diana having the power to harm or kill him.
  • Telepathy: Ares is able to implant ideas and thoughts into the minds of mortals, influencing them to incite war amongst each other. He could also project illusions and share memories with others through the energy his body generated.
  • Telekinesis: Ares has the power to remotely move and levitate objects at will, notably to transform debris and scrap metal into weapons, armor or other constructs.
  • Electrokinesis: Ares can generate and manipulate electrical energy, oftentimes using it for powerful energy beams or waves.
  • Flight: Ares is able to seamlessly levitate and fly through the air at bullet-like speeds with immense coordination.
  • Immortality: Ares has a seemingly indefinite life-span and could only be harmed or killed by beings of similar power to himself, namely a god.


  • Armor: Ares used a fearsome black armor and a 4-horned helmet in battle, which he could create out of debris using his powers.
  • Bladed Weapons: Ares used his powers to create multiple swords and daggers out of debris, powerful enough to fight Diana.
  • ChainsAres used his powers to create a chain from his own armor to restrain and toss Diana with.



  • Ares is said to be the one who killed Zeus despite the Amazons trying to help Zeus.

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