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Barry Allen
Biographical Information
Alias The Flash
Red Streak
Relatives Henry Allen (father)
Nora Allen (mother)
Born September 30, 1992
Affiliation Central City Police Department
Justice League
Physical Description
Species Metahuman
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Ezra Miller
First Appearance Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

"No honor among thieves, eh?"
—The Flash to Captain Boomerang

Barry Allen is a forensic scientist working for the Central City Police Department who develops superhuman speed after being struck by lightning and uses his gifts to protect Central City as The Flash.


Early YearsEdit

Barry Allen was born in Central City to Henry Allen and his wife Nora. When he was a child, Nora was found dead and Henry was sent to prison after being wrongfully accused of her murder.

Sent to live with a foster family, Barry became determined to prove his father's innocence and developed an obsession with forensic science.

In later years, he started working for the Central City Police, devoting his spare time to clearing his father's name. 

Becoming The FlashEdit

While working late one night, Barry was struck by a bolt of lightning and developed superhuman speed as a result of the incident, with the side effect of his speed creating bolts of lightning that could short circuit or overload nearby electric technology whenever he moved.

Barry allen shopping

Barry stopping a robber

Sometime later, Barry stopped an armed robbery at a convenience store, using his powers to knock the robber unconscious and unintentionally causing the power to go out, unbeknownst to him that Alexander Luthor, Jr. acquired the security footage of him.

At one point, Barry apprehended Captain Boomerang after the latter stole several priceless jewels and killed his partner with a trick boomerang. Barry knocked the criminal out and left him for the police to find.

An Alternate TimelineEdit

In an alternate timeline where Superman establishes a totalitarian regime with the help of aliens and takes control of the Earth, Barry fights alongside Batman.

When the resistance discovers the reason behind Superman's rise to power, Barry travels back in time using the Speed Force and tells Bruce to find Lois Lane before returning to his own time.


Barry is a man of average height for a male of his age with a lean appearance in comparison to other men of his age. He has brown eyes with fairly long dark brown, virtually black hair that sits just below his ears, but at some part later he got it cut.

Whilst at work at the Central City Police Department as a CSI technician, Barry is normally seen wearing a white lab coat over his plain civilian clothing.

As his super hero alter ego the Flash however, Barry wear's a form fitting red suit that covers his entire body and head. It has a fitted face mask that covers his head but leaves his mouth and eyes exposed, with there also being lightning-shaped earpieces. His body is covered entirely with protection pads scattered across the suit in various places, such as the torso, to better protect Barry, with the joints areas free for movement so he can run faster with little resistance. There is a white circle with a yellow lightning bolt in the center of the chest.


Barry's powers originate from an extra-dimensional energy field known as the Speed Force, which allows him to move forward into another plain of frequency and travel forwards and backwards in time. 

  • Super Speed - Barry's main ability is subconsciously controlling his molecular structure in order to

    The Flash tapping into the Speed Force

    move, think, perceive and act faster than the speed of sound. All others can see of him when he is moving at such speeds is a blur or streak of motion and as such, he can move several feet or even several miles and back in less than a millisecond, making it appear as if he had not moved at all. His speed allows him to run across water or, at higher velocities, into another plain of frequency and through walls. A side effect of his speed is that his movements cause bolts of lightning to surround the area and could short circuit or overload nearby electric technology whenever he moved. His abilities enhance his momentum and the amount of force he can generate to inhuman levels, allowing him to simulate super human strength while moving at super speed and the ability to generate the force of a moving vehicle through collision and impact at super speed. He demonstrated this by sending a robber flying through the air and after attacking him at super speed. He is also capable of coming to a full stop despite the extreme force and momentum he generates being more than that of a moving vehicle.
    Flash Owning a Parademon

    The Flash using his Super Agility and Super Momentum to dodge a Parademon's Plasma shot and knock him down.

  • Super agility - Barry's speed extended to his reaction time, reflexes and since it allows him to also think and perceive at superhuman speed, he is able to determine angles, distance, speed and trajectory of objects with extreme accuracy.
    • Enhanced Homeostasis - Barry's body undergoes a preternatural form of natural homeostasis while using his powers, which allows him to surpass and avoid the dangers and natural hindrances of running at high velocities, such as reduced oxygen, extreme temperatures, and impact with resisting forces.
  • Super Stamina - Barry's body can sustain using his abilities for extended periods of time due to his enhanced metabolism.
  • Healing Factor - Barry's advanced molecular structure means that his natural healing process is vastly accelerated much like his running speed, meaning he heals from almost anything within hours or sooner depending on the severity of the wound. Small scratches or bruises will heal within seconds, moderate injuries will take hours. However, catastrophic injuries will not heal.
    • Longevity - His accelerated healing is capable of granting him an extended lifespan. His health & vitality are also enhanced as a result.


As Barry is a normal human with no invulnerability, he is capable of being shot, stabbed or injured like any normal person if he is caught, meaning he must be extra careful not to be caught moving at normal speed.


  • Flash Suit - Barry Allen wears a protective scarlet suit as his superhero alter-ego, the Flash, to hide his identity from his enemies when he fights crime.
  • Armored Flash Suit - An exoskeleton of armor that sits over the top of Barry's normal Flash suit. This was created in the alternate timeline.




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