Bruce Wayne's Nightmare was a dream Bruce Wayne had following the Black Zero Event, unaware that he was in fact witnessing events from an alternate timeline.


Lex Luthor kidnaps Martha Kent and threatens to kill her unless Superman fights Batman to the death. When Superman fails, Luthor goes through with his threat. In a grief-fueled rage, Superman murders Luthor in retribution.

In order to "protect" humanity, Superman establishes a totalitarian regime and takes control of the Earth, killing anyone who tries to oppose him.

Batman forms a resistance movement to combat Superman's forces while alien beings from another planet join forces with Superman and devastate the planet in the process.


Outside what was once the bay separating Gotham City from Metropolis, Batman watches as a armored convoy approaches the insurgency's campsite. Upon approaching the convoy, he climbs into one of the trucks to find a briefcase containing what he believes to be Kryptonite and opens it only to find lightbulbs emitting a green glow. 

Suddenly, one of the soldiers pulls a gun on Batman and Superman's Army emerges from the rest of the trucks. Batman fights back only to be suddenly ambushed by a squadron of Parademons. In the ensuing chaos, he is overwhelemed and knocked unconscious.

When Batman regains consciousness, he realizes that he and his surviving allies are being held prisoner by the regime. Superman enters the bunker and murders the other prisoners with his Heat Vision before approaching a now horrified Batman. After unmasking the viligante, Superman proceeds to tear Batman's heart out of his chest and kill him.

New TimelineEdit

When the resistance discovers the reason behind Superman's rise to power, Barry Allen travels back in time and tells Batman to find Lois Lane before returning to his own time.

As a result, the timeline was changed and the war between Batman and Superman was averted, but made the threat of Darkseid, who aided Superman in the original timeline, a reality.



  • Batman wields a holstered sidearm and uses his opponent's machine guns, which contrasts his view on gun use.
  • The war between Superman's regime and Batman's insurgency shares numerous similarities to the events of the video game "Injustice: Gods Among Us."

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