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Canon is the source material for the DC Extended Universe.

The following is the order in which Canon is referenced:

Feature FilmsEdit

  • Dialogue
  • On Screen Text
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Director/Actor Commentary


  • Sometimes Novels have fleshed out bits of information that were cut from the film to save on the running time. These can be added in.

Marketing WebsitesEdit

  • Marketing Websites such as and other Viral sites are considered Canon.

Official ComicsEdit

  • Tie in Comics and Comic Books that are set in the DCEU are considered Canon and their contents to be included as.


  • Sometimes writers or producers will give interviews and offer insight into plotlines or details that were not actually revealed on the show. If editors can find an easily-accessible source to verify such information (like a link), it is appropriate to add it to the wiki. (It is not enough to just say "I read/heard somewhere that Christopher Nolan said...")

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