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Chato Santana
Biographical Information
Alias El Diablo
Relatives Grace Santana (wife)
Unnamed Santana daughter (daughter)
Unnamed Santana son (son)
Born June 3, 1981
Died August, 2016
Affiliation Task Force X
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair None
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Jay Hernandez
First Appearance Suicide Squad

"I lost one family, I ain't gonna lose another one!"
—El Diablo to Deadshot and Rick Flag, Jr

Chato Santana (June 3, 1981 - August 2016) called El Diablo on the streets, was a former Los Angeles gang member who is actually a Metahuman with the ability to produce fire from his body. He was recruited into Task Force X by Amanda Waller.


Early LifeEdit

Starting in his teen years, Chato Santana was a Los Angeles gang member. He kept moving up the ladder, from stealing cars to dealing drugs and weapons. During his later career as a gang member, he was suspected, but never charged, of burning fifteen men alive. His wife, Grace Santana, discovered this and confronted him about it. In anger, Chato accidentally killed his wife and children, and was sentenced to life in Belle Reve.

Drafted in Task Force XEdit


Chato Santana is a bald, and rather dark-skinned Hispanic man, with his Mexican origins tattooed over his body, as well as skull tattoos, outlining his own skull and face. He wears a black-and-blue jacket with the inscription "Diablo" and a white t-shirt underneath.


  • Pyrokinesis: Chato can generate, manipulate and shoot fire to a multitude of dangerous effects. During his imprisonment, he was seen being doused with water inside a large pipe while causing fire to emerge on its floor. He can also manifest fire on his hands without it hurting him, as well as blast fiery beams or columns of fire from his hands. This extent of his power is seemingly furthered by his rage.
  • Transformation: Aside from his pyrokinetic powers, Chato demonstrated he could transform from his human form, into the form of a massive skeletal being, completely on fire. In this form, he possessed superhuman strength and durability, both of which were demonstrated in his fight with Incubus before his death.
  • Multilingual: Chato, being Hispanic, can fluently converse in both English and Spanish.


Unlike the other members of the Task Force X who all want to get out and kill people, Chato wants to stay out of the fight. However, once he becomes close to the other members of Task Force X, he uses his powers freely to protect them.



  • This is El Diablo's first appearance in a live action.
  • El Diablo means The Devil in Spanish, fitting with his fiery theme.

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