Christopher Weiss
Biographical Information
Alias Slipknot
Born February 23, 1984
Died August, 2016
Affiliation Task Force X
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Adam Beach
First Appearance Suicide Squad

"Here comes Slipknot. The man who can climb anything. Wonderful."
Rick Flag introducing Slipknot

Christopher Weiss (February 23, 1984 - August, 2016) was an assassin for hire who specializes in killing with extremely durable ropes and "who can climb anything", code named Slipknot. After being captured, he was recruited into Task Force X.


Before his career as a criminal, Christopher Weiss worked as a formulation chemist in Montgomery, Alabama. While working at Leaston Howard Inc, Weiss tested an adhesive of his own creation on combat ropes that he used for burglary and murder in the greater Montgomery area.


Christopher Weiss is a man of medium height, with black tied-back back hair and brown eyes, wearing a black shirt along with a grey bulletproof vest.


As Slipknot, he specializes in killing with the extremely durable ropes that he himself has developed. He may also be skilled in close quarter combat. Similar to Batman, Slipknot uses a grappling device that shoots a harpoon-type line into a surface and raises him up to the targeted like the mechanisms of an elevator. The device is attached to his belt like a harness, meaning that it could still elevate him with him without him having to hold onto the device.



  • In the comics, Slipknot also tried to escape after Captain Boomerang convinced him that the explosive devices used to keep Task Force X under control were a bluff. Unlike the film, the device did not kill Slipknot when it went off because it was placed on his wrist instead of in his neck.
  • Adam Beach, the actor who casts Slipknot, practiced martial arts with ropes, and can now apparently break someone's neck.
  • Adam Beach has said that Slipknot was arrested by Wonder Woman.

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