Emil Hamilton
Biographical Information
Alias Dr. Hamilton
Died Trapped in the Phantom Zone
Affiliation DARPA
United States Armed Forces
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Eyes Blue
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Richard Schiff
First Appearance Man of Steel

Dr. Emil Hamilton was a scientist who works with the United States of America Armed Forces for DARPA. Dr Hamilton was to co-ordinate with the military on an alien signal being picked on Ellesmere Island before an Alien invasion of the planet occurred with Hamilton proving crucial in their defeat in Metropolis before being sucked into the Phantom Zone.


When the United States of America Armed Forces picked up signals of an alien nature, Dr. Hamilton was called in as an expert to coordinate with them.


Hamilton watches as the ship rises

They began looking for the source of the signal on Ellesmere Island, Canada. Still not having found the source of the signal, a large alien ship rose up through the thousands year old ice shelf and across the sky.

Shortly afterwards a large black alien ship entered Earth's gravity. General Calvin Swanwick arrived in the control room and was given an update by by Emil on the situation.

A military clean up operation began but shortly afterwards an alien message that was received across the world was directed from General Zod in search of a lost member of his race called Kal-El and that the world would suffer if wasn't handed over.

Kal-El handed himself over to the military and put in interrogation room. Hamilton began to ask the alien questions before Kal-El spoke with General Swanwick telling him that he was not their enemy and that they will never control him.

After the Battle of Smallville and Lois Lane relaying Jor-El's plan of how to destroy Zod's ship, Emil along with Lois and Col. Hardy took Kal-El's Spaceship aboard a C-17 and flew to Metropolis where Zod's forces were destroying the city. Faora Hu-Ul jumped aboard their plane and threw out Lois and was about to dispatch Emil and Hardy too. The Command Key Lois had tried to insert then turned before Emil pushed it in activating the Phantom Drive and as Hardy flew the plane directly into Black Zero, all and the ships were sucked into the Phantom Zone.



  • This is the first version of Emil Hamilton to be in a film.
  • Alessandro Juliani, who played Emil Hamilton in Smallville (and is one of several actors from that series featured in the film) appears on screen alongside Richard Schiff in Man of Steel.

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