Faora's Armor

Faora's Armor is a Kryptonian battle-armor worn by the Kryptonian Faora-Ul.


Faora scavenged the armor from one of the many abandoned Kryptonian colonies scattered across the universe, taking it off of a dead corpse.

Faora wore the armor until she was sent back to the Phantom Zone on the planet Earth where under General Zod, they attempted to recreate Krypton's civilization by wiping out the Humans but were defeated by Kal-El.


The armor is a dark grey battle-armour. The armour consists of a grey undersuit chain mail like material with heavy duty armour over the torso and arms with spikes down the right side. It features dark grey-black boots. It designed for ultra-flexibility in her advanced fighting-style. It also has a combat knife on the left side of the belt.



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