Zod's Command Key

General Zod's Command Key was a Kryptonian Command Key created by General Zod that can be used to access a variety of access ports in Kryptonian machinery and devices.


After he located the ancient Scout Ship that Kal-El had activated, Zod created his own Command Key out of Kryptonian Metallic Liquid and placed it into the access port at the Genesis Chamber in the Scout Ship taking control of the ship from the Jor-El AI which was residing in the ship. Zod then proceeded to quarantine the Jor-El AI before having the ship delete it before flying the ship to Metropolis where they would rebuild Krypton.

Still in the destroyed Genesis Chamber, Zod's Command Key was discovered by Alexander Luthor, Jr. who re-entered the Key activating the Scout Ship, who ordered it to begin telling him the secrets of Krypton and how to use the Genesis Chamber.



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