The Gods of Olympus, also known as the Old Gods were a race of divine beings who originated on Mount Olympus and were worshipped by the civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the Amazons. They were, however, eventually exterminated by Ares millennia ago. Diana is the last known Olympian.


Creation of Man and the Amazons

According to Hippolyta, when time was new the God's ruled the Earth. At some point, Zeus created beings in his image, Man who lived in peace among themselves and worshipped the Gods. Ares however drew weary of his father's creation and sought after their end.

Ares seeing the corruption Man is capable of, used his influence to ensure it. After witnessing the wrath of Man that happened before them Zeus created the Amazons to bring love and kindness back into Man's hearts which worked much to Ares's dismay. The Gods watched as the Amazons and Man lived together in peace.

Invasion of Earth

After sometime, the Earth was invaded by the New GodSteppenwolf with an army of parademons. He was assigned to turn the planet into a primordial housegate to Apokolips with the motherboxes by performing the Unity. Zeus, Artemis, and Ares assisted the Amazons, old tribes of man, the Atlanteans, and the Green Lantern in the war against the New God. Them working together caused Steppenwolf to retreat leaving the boxes behind and Zeus seperated them before the Unity could finish. With their victory and the boxes left behind, the Gods watched as the boxes were taken by the Atlanteans, Amazons, and tribes of Man.

Death of the Gods

Powers & Abilities

In addition to being immortal, the gods are superhuman beings. It's assumed that most of the gods possess the following:

  • Immortality 
  • Power Granting/Bestowal 
  • Duplication
  • Illusion creation
    • Illusion Casting
  • Invisibility
  • Mind manipulation
  • Dimensiokinesis (Dimensional Manipulation)
  • Advanced Regeneration
  • Sensory Enhancement
  • Superhuman Condition
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Speed
      • Sprinting at breakneck speeds
      • Leaping (and possibly gliding) for great distances and making precise and accurate jumps.
      • Defying gravity (being able to run up and across vertical and horizontal surfaces respectively)
      • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Strength
      • Superhuman Leaping Ability
    • Superhuman Endurance
    • Superhuman Senses
  • Flight
  • Absorption / Power Absorbtion
  • Telepathy
  • Energy Manipulation
    • Energy Blast
  • Magic
    • Curses
    • Blessing
    • Sealing
    • Weapon Creation
  • Elemental Manipulation
    • Areokinesis
    • Electrokinesis
      • Hydro-Electrokinesis
    • Hydrokinesis
      • Cryokinesis
      • Eco-Hydrokinesis
      • Water Breathing
    • Photokinesis
    • Pyrokinesis
      • Firing powerful blasts energy for destructive purposes, which can be Energy based
    • Umbrakinesis
    • Geokinesis
      • Ferrokinesis: The ability to control and manipulate precious metals.
    • Plant manipulation
      • Influence Over Vegetation: The ability to have some influence over plants and vegetation such as returning dead plants to life.
  • Summoning 
  • Petrification
  • Toxokinesis (Poison Manipulation)
  • Necrokinesis/Necromancy
    • Soul Manipulation
    • Resurrection
    • Death-Force Manipulation
    • Osteokinesis
    • Soul Control
    • Soul Removal
      • Soul Absorption/Soul Empowerment
      • Soul Materialization
  • Transmutation
  • Animation
  • Audiokinesis (Sound Manipulation)
  • Chronokinesis (Time Manipulation)
  • Conjuration
    • Power Conjuration
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Enhanced Skills
  • Flyrokinesis
  • Intangibility
  • Invulnerability
  • Omnicognition
  • Omniscience
  • Amokinesis
    • Love inducement
    • Beauty Embodiment
    • Beauty Inducement
  • Possession
  • Shapeshifting/Metamorphosis
    • Size Alternation
    • Transformation
  • Telekinesis
  • Animal Manipulation
    • Hippocampi Control
  • Portal Creation
  • Mind Imprisonment
  • Astral Projection
  • Immortality Removal
  • Odikinesis
    • War Embodiment
    • Phobikinesis
  • Enhanced Marksmanship
  • Object Possession
  • Wisdom
  • Invincibility
  • Chain Manipulation
  • Vast Resistance
  • Vitakinesis
    • Healing
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Superhumanly Dense Tissue
  • Empathic Manipulation
  • Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak, they can communicate and be understood by all races.
  • Prophecy
  • Biokinesis
  • Hebekinesis
  • Hypnokinesis
  • Technokinesis
  • Telumkinesis
  • Thermokinesis
  • Supreme Knowledge
  • Supernatural Perception: The ability to see and hear things and beings that are invisible.
  • Truth Compulsion: The ability to compel humans to speak the truth.
  • Foresight
  • Apporting
  • Bestow skills on Mortal
  • Divine powers
    • Reality warping:
    • Conjuration:
    • Shifting Souls to another body:
    • Protection Aura:
    • Portal creation:
    • Mind control:
    • Magical Golden apple creation:
    • Resurrection
    • Shifting Souls to another bodies
    • Touch of lust for Battle
    • Magical Windows
    • Revealing the true form of another
    • Removing lesser beings & Demigods powers
    • Seasons/Earth Manipulation
    • Giokinesis/portal creation
    • Removal of Mortals in the Underworld
    • Removal & Bestowal of all Godly powers
    • Illusions
    • Cursing
    • Petrification
    • Bestow and Remove powers
    • Power to kill Gods
    • Blessing

Known Gods

  • Zeus: King of of the Gods and Ruler of Mount Olympus; The God of the Sky, Thunderstorms, Justice, the Heavens, Thunder & Lightning, Storms, Weather, Air, Rain and Honor; Lord of the Greek Mythological universe/cosmos
  • Hera: Queen of the Gods and Ruler of Olympus; The Goddess of Marriage, Familial Love, Childbirth, Air, the Sky, the Heavens, Womanhood, Matrimonial Love, Fidelity, Women, Family and Royalty.
  • Poseidon: The God of the Seas/Oceans, Water, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Rain, Floods, Drought, Rivers, Sea Storms, Weather, Clear Skies, Winds, Destruction, Storms, Islands, Shores, Tempests and Horses. 
  • Hades: The God of the Underworld, the Dead, Afterlife, Subterranean Regions, Grief, Necromancy, Burial, Curses and Wealth/Riches; Lord of the Dead.
  • Athena: The Goddess of Useful Arts, Wisdom, War (the beneficial side of it), Crafts, Battle Tactics, Handicrafts, Strategic Warfare, Battles, Heroism, the Arts, Cities, Law, Justice, Skill, Warriors, Reason, Arts & Crafts, Tactical Warfare, Heroic Endeavor, Industry, Civilization and Battle Strategy.
  • Ares: The God of War (the destructive, frenzied side of it), Corruption, Bloodshed, Half-Truths, Violence, Battlelust, Rage, Murder, Cannibals, Cowardice, Conflict and Bloodlust; Prince of Olympus.
  • Aphrodite: The Goddess of Love, Beauty, Seduction, Procreation, Allure, Pleasure, Sexuality, Happiness, Lust and Desire.
  • Apollo : The God of Light, the Sun, Medicine/Healing, Inspiration, Poetry, Truth, Prophecies, Archery, Young Men, Order, Reason, Plagues, Oracles, Knowledge, Art and Music.
  • Artemis: The Goddess of the Moon, the Hunt/Hunting, the Wild, Chastity, Maidenhood, Wilderness, Nature, Wild Beasts, Archery, Sudden Death, Young Women, Childbirth, Children, Hills, Animals, Forests and Virginity.
  • Hermes: Messenger of the Gods; The God of Messages/Messengers, Theft/Thieves, Deception, Mail Deliverers, Travel/Travelers, Boundaries, Shepherds, Roads, Hospitality, Diplomacy, Merchants, Inventions, Orators, Wits/Cunning, Language, Writing, Measurements, Border Crossings, Astronomy, Astrology, Speed, Sleep, Sports, Athletics, Dreams, Magic, Fertility, Gymnasium, Exploring, Commerce/Trade/International Trade and Trickery; Guide to the Underworld.
  • Hephaestus: Blacksmith God of Olympus; The God of Fire, the Forge, Metallurgy, Craftsmen, Sculptors, Metalwork/Metalworking, Blacksmiths, Arts & Crafts, Metals, Volcanoes, Technology and Smithing.
  • Demeter: The Goddess of the Earth, Harvest/Agriculture, Seasons, Nature, Sacred Law, Fertility, Grain, Bread, Fruitfulness and Fertile Soil.
  • Dionysus: The God of Wine, Parties, Grape-Harvest, Madness, Intoxication, Vegetation, Ecstasy, Drunkenness, Frenzy, Disorder, Mysteries, Drama/Dramatic Arts, Revelry, Disorderly Conduct and Theater.
  • Hestia: The Goddess of the Hearth, Fire, Home, Cooking, the Right Ordering of Domesticity, Family, Virgins and Truth.


  • Persephone: Goddess of Springtime, Flowers, Fertility, Young Life and Innocence; Queen of the Underworld and Wife of Hades.
  • Pan: God of Nature, Shepherds, Folk Music, the Wild, Hunting (partially), Satyrs and Rustic Music; Son of Hermes.
  • Asclepius: God of Medicine, Healing, Doctors, Rejuvenation and Physicians.
  • Eros: God of Love and Passion. Son of Aphrodite.
  • Hebe: Goddess of Eternal Young. Daughter of Zeus and Hera.
  • Thetis: Goddess of the Seas and Earthquakes.
  • Amphitrite: Poseidon's Wife and Queen.
  • Triton: Poseidon's Son; Messenger God of the Seas; God of Waves and the Navy.
  • Palaemon: God of Sharks.
  • Delphin: God of Dolphins.
  • Hercules:
  • Deimos: God of Terror.
  • Phobos: God of Fear.
  • Hecate: Titan Goddess of Magic.
  • Hypnos: God of Sleep.
  • Iris: Messenger of the Gods. Goddess of Rainbows.
  • Nemesis: Goddess of Balance and Retribution.
  • Nike: Goddess of Victory.
  • Tyche: Goddess of Luck and Fortune. 
  • Psyche: Goddess of the Soul. 




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