Real name: Hank



Clark Kent (owner)


Gender - Male
Height - 2'2
Weight - 95lbs
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Black

Portrayed by:


Man of Steel

Hank is the Kent family terrier dog loyal to Clark Kent.


The Kents got Hank when Clark was still a young boy and was the only friend Clark had as a child as the two used to play in the gardens and fields of the Kent Farm.

When Clark was 17, a tornado struck Smallville and as Jonathan, Clark, and Martha got out to investigate, they had to take nearby cover under a overpass. Realizing they had left behind Hank, Jonathan bravely went back to get him, as a car landed on top of the vehicle, trapping both of them. Jonathan managed to open a door for Hank to escape, as the tornado eventually swept Jonathan away to his death.


  • In childrens' books based on the film, the dog's name was Shelby, just as the family dog on the TV Series Smallville.

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