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Jonathan Kent
Biographical Information
Alias Kansas Farmer
Relatives Harry Kent Jr (brother)
Martha Kent (wife)
Kal-El (adoptive son)
Born 1951
Died April 19, 1997
Affiliation Kent Farm
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Kevin Costner
First Appearance Man of Steel: Friends and Foes

"You're the answer, son. You're the answer to: "are we alone in the Universe?""
—Jonathan Kent, to a teenage Clark

Jonathan Kent (19511997) was a local farmer from Smallville. One of the many generations of the Kent farmers, around the early 1980s, he and his wife Martha found a spaceship containing Kal-El, whom they adopted and named "Clark" (after his wife's maiden surname). Jonathan raised the boy with strong moral standards. as he began to develop extraordinary powers, which Jonathan died to keep secret during a tornado, knowing that the man his son was destined to become would one day change the world.


Early LifeEdit

Jonathan was born in Kansas as part of a the Kent family, that had been farmer for several generations. At the age of 22, he meet and married another local girl, Martha Clark, in 1973. A year later, his brother, Harry Kent Jr died.

When Jonathan was young, Smallville was hit with a heavy rain season a great flood. Jonathan and his father built a flood defense to send the water up stream believing he had saved the farm. To celebrate, Jonathan's mother baked him a cake. They soon realized that they had diverted the water away from their farm and flood the Lang Farm, drowning their horses. Jonathan had nightmares afterwards about the drowning horses.

Jonathan and Martha eventually took over the Kent Farm and ran it together, but they were unable to have children of their own.

Finding ClarkEdit


Jonathan and Martha find Clark

One night in 1980, an alien spacecraft crash-landed in one of the Kents' cornfields. Investigating, the couple found the spaceship and a newborn baby, whom they took in and named "Clark", after Martha's maiden surname.

As Clark grew older, he developed a strong bond with Jonathan and also many incredible abilities. Fearing how others would react to this, Jonathan instilled in Clark the need to hide his abilities from everybody else. He was also very overprotective of his son, despite the latter's abilities.

When Clark was 9, he began experiencing problems from more of his superpowers (those of enhanced hearing, X-ray vision, and heat vision) manifesting, and was subsequently taken home by Martha, where Jonathan proudly watched Clark play in the garden, wearing a scarlet cape (indicating his future as Superman).

Revealing Clark's Heritage to HimEdit


Jonathan comforting a frustrated teenage Clark

Four years later, when Clark was 13 and used his powers to save his classmates after their bus went over a bridge and fell into a river, Jonathan, along with Martha, tried to dismiss Helen Ross' claims of Clark's amazing feat. He then promptly went outside to speak with Clark, reminding him that he couldn't reveal the "special side of [himself]" to anybody. Jonathan was, however, morally torn when Clark asked if he should've let his classmates die instead.


Jonathan reveals Clark's ship

Hence, Jonathan decided to finally reveal to Clark that he came to from the stars, and took him into the barn, where he showed Clark the latter's infant starship, before reassuring Clark that he will always be his son, regardless of him having once had another father who had given him another name. He then gave Clark the House of El Command Key that came with him to Earth, and said that he had been trying to figure out why Clark was sent to them, and encouraged Clark to find out this reason, even if it would take the rest of his life to do so.

Teaching Clark Life LessonsEdit


Jonathan teaching Clark morals

Shortly thereafter, Jonathan took Clark with him to Sullivan's Truck & Tractor Repair. Clark waited in the car, reading a book by the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato, as a group of kids led by Kenneth Braverman ganged up on Clark. Jonathan's presence, however, scared them off. After Pete Ross helped Clark to his feet and left, Jonathan asked Clark if the boys hurt him. He then reminded Clark that someday, when he'd be older, he would have to make a choice for himself - on whether or not to reveal himself to the world. Regardless, Jonathan assured Clark that he would eventually become a man that would change the world.

Jonathan's SacrificeEdit


Jonathan telling Clark not to save him, determined to keep his son's abilities secret.

Four years later, when Clark was 17, the whole family was out on a drive and got stuck on a highway in traffic. Jonathan argued with Clark about the farm, which lead to Clark angrily rejecting the Kents as his parents. Despite Martha's shocked reaction, Jonathan conceded the point (though he insisted that he and Martha had done the best they could to raise Clark as his surrogate parents), but before he could elaborate further, a large tornado began sweeping across the area.

The Kents evacuated the car, and Jonathan told Clark to get Martha to safety under a nearby bridge as he went to help a mother and her child. Clark took the child off of Jonathan and returned her to her mother while Jonathan went back to rescue Hank, who was left in the car, breaking his foot in the process, as a car crashed on top. Realizing that Clark was about to save him and reveal his powers to the people standing by and to the world at large, Jonathan held up his hand, signaling his son not to save him, as Jonathan was swept away to his death (at the age of 46).

Jonathan was subsequently buried in Smallville Cemetery next to his brother, Harry Kent Jr.

Shortly after this tragic period, Clark, left Smallville, finally heeding his late father's words, now determined to discover his birth name, heritage, and the reason he was sent to Earth.


Jonathan's prediction of Clark having to make the choice about revealing himself, as well as that of Clark changing the world (as the alien hero nicknamed "Superman") both came true shortly thereafter as well. Due to the extraordinary heroics that "Superman" demonstrated while saving Earth from the malevolent General Zod and the Sword of Rao, Clark was ultimately accepted and greatly respected by most of the people of Earth (with Metropolis' citizens even building a massive silvery statue in Superman's honor), something Jonathan had feared wouldn't happen. Before moving to Metropolis and applying for a job at the Daily Planet, Clark and Martha remembered Jonathan fondly, with Martha assuring him that her husband had always seen the hero that Clark was destined to become.

After the Bombing of United States Capitol, Clark decided to withdraw from humanity and began walking in the mountains of the arctic circle. There, he found Jonathan building a pile of rocks. Jonathan spoke with Clark telling him a story of how when he was younger, there was a great flood in Smallville and he diverted it from the Kent Farm believing he was a hero, when in reality it flooded the Lang's farm next door instead, and that it was Martha who helped him as she was his world. Jonathan then disappeared.


Jonathan was an honest man who always believed in ethics and honesty during his life as a farmer, and he loved Clark very much. Despite Clark being practically invincible, he was very overprotective of his adopted son, fearing that the world wouldn't accept Clark the way he and Martha did and that his presence on Earth would change everything. Ultimately, Jonathan was so adamant to not to reveal Clark's secret to the world, that he died protecting it.



  • Kevin Costner played a farmer in the film Field of Dreams.
  • Jonathan married Martha on October 21, 1973, at the age of 22.
  • Jonathan died in 1997 at the age of 46.
  • The actors for Jonathan Kent and Jor-El have both played Robin Hood in the films Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Robin Hood, respectively.

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