Batman v Superman 61

Lex Luthor admiring a fragment of Kryptonite

Kryptonite is a radioactive xenomineral was created in the Black Zero Event, creating something similar similar minerals off the planet Krypton.


As a result of being defeated in battle by Superman, an enraged General Zod ordered his troops to release the World Engine so Earth could be fully terraformed into a new Krypton while the Black Zero traveled to Metropolis so the two could work in sync as the terraforming process occured. after realising what was happening, and being brought up to speed. Superman gave the United States Armed Forces the Starcraft he arrived to Earth in as an infant from Krypton before flying over to the Indian Ocean, where he fought the World Engine despite being weakened due to the atmospherific changes caused by the terraforming process in the area. he eventually destroyed it but was weakened by the effort even, which required Superman to absorb the Sun's yellow radiation so he could recover. he then traveled to Metropolis where he flew into and crashed into the Fortress of Solitude before destroying it with Heat Vision from the inside which caused the ship to crash into a vacated area of the city.

1.5 Months afterward, the remains of the World Engine remained in the Indian Ocean. with thousands of people flocking to the site with various goals in mind, two native boys dived into the water where they found a large green rock buried into the land and brought it above water where they displayed the peculiar rock to a Geologist who was present. two years later the chunk is bought by Lex Luthor and first brought to Gotham City before being stolen by the Batman so the Dark Knight can use it to fashion three gas rounds and a Kryptonite Spear while he fought Superman. Superman later used the Kryptonite Spear during the Battle against Doomsday in it's final legs to kill the beast.


Superman (Weakened)

The Kryptonite xenomineral appears most commonly in a green color, and is known to be the primary weakness of all Kryptonians, since the mineral's radiation is extremely toxic and to them. It causes cellular degeneration for Kryptonians, resulting in them becoming sick with severe fever-like symptoms, including nausea, weakness, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, and extreme pain. It is shown to significantly reduce their endurance, stamina, strength, and mobility, the last of which causes them to move as slow as a human.

Despite the radioactive properties and effects on Kryptonians, Kryptonite can be blocked like any radioactive element with lead.



  • In the comics, Superman entrusted Batman with the little Kryptonite and would use it should the Man of Steel ever go rogue.
  • In most iterations, Kryptonite can cause cancer in Humans due to prolonged exposure to the element, but also can be used as a near infinite power source.

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