Diana using the Lasso

The Lasso of Hestia, also referred to as the Lasso of Truth, is an indestructible weapon wielded by Princess Diana that forces anyone it captures to obey and speak the truth.



The lasso is of a gold color, however it is long and virtually indestructible. The lasso must've been constructed either of godly materials or enchanted by Magic to be this way. One of the lasso's most well known features is that when wrapped around an individual, it will begin to glow and once the wielder asks a question, the captive of the lasso is compelled to reveal the truth. According to Steven Trevor, when the lasso began to glow, it would get hot as a result. Aside from this however, the lasso can also be used to detain enemies for long periods of time. Not even the might of Superman or even Doomsday is capable of breaking out of it. The lasso also glows when used in combat.



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