Biographical Information
Relatives N/A
Affiliation Kryptonian
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Julian Richings
First Appearance Man of Steel

Lor-Em (d. 1980) was a member of the Kryptonian Law Council who acted as its representative during the planet's final days.


Lor-Em was present when Jor-El warned the Council of Krypton's destruction, reminding them he was strictly against harvesting the core. Lor-Em reminded Jor-El that they had no other choice as the planet's natural resources had been exhausted.

Before Jor-El could request control of the Growth Codex, the Sword of Rao stormed the Legislation Chamber. In the chaos that followed, Lor-Em and the other members were taken in custody by Zod's second-in-command Faora.

Following the Battle of Krypton, the council members were released and Lor-Em replaced the late Ro-Zar as High Eminence. He was present when Dru-Zod and his surviving followers were sentenced to 300 cycles of "somatic reconditioning" for their crimes. When Zod expressed his disgust towards the Council, Lor-Em remained silent and watched as the insurgents were transported to the Phantom Zone

Sometime later, Lor-Em died when Krypton's core imploded and the planet was destroyed. 


Had Ro-Zar entered a star system with a yellow G-type main-sequence star, his body would have absorbed the solar energy and he would have gained incredible powers identical to those of Kal-El


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