Biographical Information
Alias Ludlow
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Ian Tracey
First Appearance Man of Steel

Ludlow is a roughneck Canadian trucker.


After arriving at Cassidy's, Ludlow and his trucker friends ordered beer and food and asked Chrissy the waitress to come join then crudely groped her. Though she harshly told him to back off, Ludlow persisted, and Clark Kent intervened on her behalf. Ludlow got up, poured his beer over Clark, before trying to shove him away, but only bounced off of the latter. Chrissy assured Clark that Ludlow wasn't worth it, and he managed to walk off, with Ludlow throwing a can at his back.

After finishing at Cassidy's, Ludlow came outside, only to find that his truck had been destroyed - with the logs he had had in it stuffed through the truck (by Clark, who'd managed to take out his pent-up rage at the inanimate vehicle).

A few weeks later, Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane managed to track down the leads on Clark to the Cassidy Pub, where Chrissy told her about Ludlow's truck, that had been found destroyed, under inexplicable circumstances. Lois then attempted to speak to Ludlow, but he hung up on her every time she managed to get a hold of him on the phone.




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