Sears Smallville
[[Image:MOS Plano Illinois Set Sears3 with Smallville on sign|250pxpx]]
Geographical Information
Galaxy Milky Way
Planet Earth
Country United States
State Kansas
Locale Smallville
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance

The Sears Smallville is a department store in town of Smallville, Kansas and part of the Sears company.


Batttle of SmallvilleEdit

After General Zod invaded Earth in search of Kal-El and the Growth Codex, a battle ensued in Smallville between Kal-El and Zod's Sub-Commander Faora-Ul, along with Nam-Ek, who both battled Kal-El on Smallville's main street. After Faora's visor was damaged and all of her senses overwhelmed her, Nam-Ek hurled a train at Kal-El, sending the latter flying into the Sears store front, as Faora and Nam-Ek were picked up and retreated back to their starship, Black Zero. The US Military closed in on Kal-El, as he pulled himself out of the train wreckage and Colonel Hardy identified him as an ally.



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