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Shazam (film)
Attribution Information
Directed by David F. Sandberg
Produced by Geoff Johns
Jon Berg
Peter Safran
David Witz
Hiram Garcia
Jeffery Chernov (Exec.)
Dwayne Johnson (Exec.)
Toby Emmerich (Exec.)
Dany Garcia (Exec.)
Written by Story
Henry Gayden
Darren Lemke
Henry Gayden
Darren Lemke
Music by TBA
Production Information
Distributor Warner Bros. Pictures
New Line Cinema
The Safran Company
Budget TBA
Revenue TBC
Release Date April 5, 2019
Duration TBA
Chronological Information
Preceded by Aquaman
Followed by Wonder Woman II

Shazam is an upcoming American film based on the DC Comics character Shazam. It is the seventh installment in the DC Comics' Extended Universe. It will be written by Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke, and produced by Geoff Johns, Jon Berg, Peter Safran, David Witz, Hiram Garcia, with Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Toby Emmerich serving as executives. It will be produced by New Line Cinema and distributed by Warner Bros.

Development of the film has taken years to come to fruitation since the early 2000s but a cohesive plan for the DC Extended Universe in 2014 accelerated plans with Johnson attached to star in the film.

It will be released April 5, 2019.




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Behind the ScenesEdit


On April 28, 2014, The Wall Street Journal revealed an upcoming slate of Warner Bros. films based on DC Comics properties, including a Shazam film to be potentially released in 2016.[1][2][3] Dwayne Johnson confirmed the project and his attachment on August 20, 2014,[4] officially announcing his casting as Black Adam on September 3, 2014.[5] Shazam, still a New Line Cinema production being released through Warner Bros.,[6] is being executive produced by Toby Emmerich and screenwriter Darren Lemke of Jack the Giant Slayer and Turbo, has been hired to write the script. Emmerich told Entertainment Weekly in an interview that the film will have a tone unto itself separate from the concurrent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film: with a sense of fun and humor, but with real stakes and an anti-hero version of Black Adam.[7] On October 15, 2014, Warner Bros. announced Shazam for a 2019 release as the eighth installment of the DC Comics Extended Universe.[8] Henry Gayden was announced as the screenwriter for Shazam on January 19, 2017. [9] On February 17, 2017, David S Sandberg was announced to be in talks with New Line to direct Shazam. [10] Production on the project is said to begin in January or February of 2018, with Sandberg confirmed as the director and Peter Safran in negotiations to co-produce the film. [11] Geoff Johns confirmed that Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam will not be appearing in Shazam but will be in his own solo film instead. Safran and Jeffery Chernov will co-produce the film with David Witz executive producing. [12] Cinematographer Maxime Alexandre, who worked with Sandberg for Lights Out and Annabelle Creation will work on the film as well as Production Designer Jennifer Spence. [13] On October 27, 2017, The Wrap and The Hollywood Reporter reported that Zachary Levi was cast as Billy Batson/ Shazam vessel [14] [15] [16] On November 2, 2017, The Wrap and The Hollywood Reporter reported that Mark Strong is in talks to play Thaddeus Sivana, who is known as Dr. Sivana, [17] [18] Variety also reported Grace Fulton is in talks for a role as one of Billy’s friends. [19] On November 6, 2017, Asher Angel was announced to be playing Billy Batson. [20] [21]


Pre-production officially began in August of 2017. Filming will begin in Toronto under the working title Franklin and will film from February to May of 2018. [22]

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