The Standard Batsuit on display in the Batcave.

The Standard Batsuit is a protective, almost completely bulletproof and blade proof, as well as completely fireproof suit and combat armor developed by Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises, the former who uses it for fighting crime during his activities as Batman.




Bruce, wearing the Standard Batsuit.

The Batsuit is made up of a technical carbon fiber tri-weave which creates a protective bodysuit that has a high resistance against blunt and impactive forces and knives, as well as protection against firearms, though such protection is limited to lower caliber weapons, while those of high caliber can damage it. Despite the protective materials, the suits material allow its wearer to still be light and agile, which provides Bruce with the ability to fight and move without restrictions. It features a cowl shaped into a bat's head, that houses a intercom and scanning system, a long black cape (with a serrated design at the bottom that emulates bats' wings), knee-high back boots and black gauntlets with 3 metal scallops on each forearm (mainly used to block against knives or other stabbing weapons) made from leather. The cape acts as a hang glider, as well as paragliding, parachuting or wing suit type gear, allowing Batman to glide at various speeds and perform base jumping like feats. The grappling gun can be used in tandem with the cape, using its line to slingshot or catapult the user into the air at great speed while the cape catches him and allows for steady flight and descent controlled by him. He can even pull back the cape to allow him to dive through air at great speeds, especially as a means of attack. The Batsuit also has a sophisticated utility belt, that contains the majority of the technologically advanced equipment which Bruce uses to fight crime as Batman.



  • The suit is inspired by the 1986 Frank Miller version from the original 4-part Dark Knight series, as well as the Batsuit from the New 52 and the Rebirth version.
  • This is the first Batsuit to use the iconic grey and black color scheme from the comics in a live-action Batman film. The closest that comes to it is the grey and purple-blue Adam West Batsuit in the 1960s TV series.

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