This page is dedicated to all rumors regarding the film The Batman.




  • CONFIRMED! Batman would be the protagonist of the film.
  • Dick Grayson/Nightwing will appear.[19]
  • Barbara Gordon/Oracle will appear.[19]
  • Tim Drake/Robin III will appear.

Supporting characters Edit

  • DEBUNKED! Catwoman will appear.
  • Amanda Waller will make a small cameo.
  • Killer Croc will be a tertiary character.
  • James Gordon and Harvey Dent will be appear as secondary characters.
  • Jason Todd/Robin II will be appear in some flashbacks.

Villains Edit

  • CONFIRMED! Deathstroke will be the main antagonist of the film.[20]
  • DEBUNKED! Red Hood/Jason Todd will be the main antagonist.
  • Red Hood/Jason Todd will be one of the antagonists.
  • DEBUNKED! Hush will be the main antagonist, along the Scarecrow and the Riddler.
  • Red Hood will be the secondary antagonist of the film, along Poison Ivy, the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Clayface.
  • DEBUNKED! The Joker and Red Hood/Jason Todd will be the main antagonists.
  • Black Mask will appear as a minor villain.
  • Harley Quinn will be in the film.
  • DEBUNKED! The Joker and Black Mask will be the main villains.[19]
  • Maxie Zeus, Carmine Falcone, and Penguin will be secondary antagonists.
  • Mr. Freeze will be a villain.
  • Black Mask will be a minor villain.
  • Poison Ivy will be a minor villain.


  • The film will adapt the comic book story lines Batman: A Death in the Family and Batman: Under the Hood.
  • Bruce will pass the mantle of Batman to someone else.[21]
  • The film will be influenced by the 2010 animated Batman: Under the Red Hood.
  • The film will adapt the comic book story line Batman: Hush.
  • The Joker will die in the film.
  • The film will take place in Arkham Asylum.[22]
  • Black Mask as the main villain breaking other villains out of Arkham to kill Batman.[3]
  • Joker and Harley have a subplot involving a bomb to blow up all the inmates once Batman recaptures them all that results in Harley leaving the Joker because of the abuse and Batman trying to rehabilitate her.[3]
  • Deathstroke is sent in by Waller to help contain the situation so she can use them for her own means but Batman fights Deathstroke and promises Waller that he’s coming for her next.[3]
  • Deadshot is also in it but leaves the Asylum to be with his daughter instead of getting his revenge on Batman.[3]
  • There’s a really cool scene where Black Mask lines all the villains up and asks who will join him to get revenge (this scene will focus a lot on Deadshot’s reactions, making it clear he wants only freedom).[3]
  • Many of the villains get away in the end, with Batman promising to hunt them all down. The film will end with Batman overlooking Gotham and seeing one of the B-List villains (has yet to be decided) committing a crime.[3]


  • CONFIRMED! Ben Affleck will direct. (Affleck as step down as director but will stay on as producer)
  • CONFIRMED! Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns will write the story for the film.
  • The title of the film will be called The Batman (Although it is currently the working title).[23][24][25][26]
  • DEBUNKED! The film may replace The Justice League Part One release date.[27]
  • DEBUNKED! Ben Affleck is only working on the script.[1]
  • The film will be release in October 05, 2018 or November 1, 2019.[24][28]
  • Filming will start next year in Spring or Summer. (Affleck has indicated that filming will start in April 2017).[29][30]
  • CONFIRMED! Matt Reeves will replace Ben Affleck as director.[31][32]
  • The film will be release in 2019.[33]
  • Michael Giacchino will compose the film.[34]
  • This could be one of the films to be release either on February 14, 2020 or June 5, 2020.[35]


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