This page is about all rumors about Flashpoint.


  • CONFIRMED! Ezra Miller will play the Flash.
  • Channing Tatum will have a role.[1]
  • CONFIRMED! Kiersey Clemons, Rita Ora and Lucy Boynton are up for Iris West.[2][3](Clemons has been confirmed to play Iris West.)[4]
  • 007 actor Daniel Craig will appear.
  • Misha Collins, Channing Tatum, Milo Ventimiglia, Steven Yeun, and Jake Gyllenhaal have been approached for various roles.[5]
  • Emily Blunt, Rosamund Pike, Alexandria Daddario, and Jessica Chastain have also been approached.[5]
  • Rob Lowe was approached to play one of the villains.[5]
  • CONFIRMED! Billy Crudup is in talks for the role of Henry Allen.[6] (Crudup has been confirmed to play Henry Allen.)[7]
  • Elijah Wood and Eminem are rumored to be casting choices for Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold.
  • Anna Camp and Natalie Dormer are rumored choices to play as Captain Cold's sister Lisa Snart aka Golden Glider.
  • John Cleese will have a role in the film.[8]
  • Armie Hammer will have a role.[9]
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan will reprise their roles as Thomas and Martha Wayne in their Flashpoint persona of Batman and Joker.[10]


  • CONFIRMED! The suit will be "tech-based".[11]
  • Barry and Vic knew each other in school.[5]


  • CONFIRMED! The version of the Flash will be the Barry Allen version.
  • DEBUNKED! Kathryn Prescott and Stefanie Scott are both rumored choices to play Iris West.
  • Lili Taylor and Wynona Ryder are both rumored choices to play Nora Allen.
  • Ray Fisher will reprise his role as Victor Stone/Cyborg.[12]
  • Iris West is described in the breakdown as having Christiane Amanpour’s brains and Carrie Bradshaw’s style. An overcaffinated doe. A reporter at The Central City Citizen. Actresses are currently testing for this part.[13]
  • Fred Chyre is described in the breakdown as a gruff detective who first meets Barry at the scene of a crime. Now they’re colleagues and the closest thing Barry has to a friend. Chryre is investigating the unusual death of someone at Thawne Laboratories.[13]
  • Leonard Snart is described in the breakdown as being ex-military and turns out to be working for Thawne. Have a feeling he is the muscle the way Anatoli Knyazev was the muscle for Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.[13]
  • Jay Garrick is described in the breakdown as being a former Central University professor who was fired for fringe science, and was working on the Speed Force program. Supposedly his role is just a cameo.[13]


  • Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash could be the main antagonist.[14][15]
  • Eobard Thawne is described in the breakdown as Central City’s Bill Gates. The smartest man in the room and he suffers from advanced degenerative disease like Stephen Hawking. Thawne is confined to a chair.[13]
  • Daniel Craig will portray Zoom/Reverse-Flash as the main villain.
  • The Rogues will appear.[16]
  • Captain Cold and Golden Glider will appear as villains.[17]


  • DEBUNKED! Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will direct the film.[18][19][20]
  • DEBUNKED! Chad Stahelski and David Leitch will direct the film.[21][22]
  • CONFIRMED! Phil Lord and Chris Miller will write the story.
  • CONFIRMED! Seth Grahame-Smith will write and direct the film.[23] (Later left the project)
  • CONFIRMED! Rick Famuyiwa will direct the film.[24] (Later left the project)
  • Joby Harold will do a page one rewrite from scratch for The Flash.
  • The new script might have these 3 options regarding Cyborg's role: Keep Victor Stone's role as a supporting character in the film, write him out completely for it to be a strict solo film, or have him be a lead and have the flash be a team-up film that could lay the groundwork for the Titans. 
  • The film will be shot this for an 2018 release date.[25][26][27]
  • Jordan Peele is being considered as a director for The Flash.
  • Robert Zemeckis will direct the film.[28]
  • Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn, and Sam Raimi are all in considerations and are the front runners to direct The Flash. [29]
  • Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are back to talking with WB for Flash after leaving the Star Wars Anthology Han Solo film.[30]
  • This could be one of the films to be release either on February 14, 2020 or June 5, 2020.[31]


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