This page is dedicated to all Rumors regarding Wonder Woman 1984.

Casting Edit

  • Halle Berry will have a role.[1]
  • The studio will cast a big female lead to opposite Gal Gadot.[2]
  • CONFIRMED! Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor.[3]
  • Former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter will have a role.[4][5][6]
  • Geena Davis will have a role.[7]
  • DEBUNKED!Sarah Paulson or Charlize Theron will play Cheetah.[8][9]
  • CONFIRMED! A big name actress will portray Cheetah (The actress will be Kristen Wiig).[10]
  • DEBUNKED!Emma Stone will play Cheetah.
  • CONFIRMED! Kristen Wiig will play Cheetah.[11]
  • Riz Ahmed will have a role.[12]

Characters Edit

  • Jumpa the Kangaroo will appear.[13]
  • CONFIRMED! Steve Trevor will return.[14]
  • Sameer will return.
  • Chief Napi will return.
  • Charlie will return.
  • Pedro Pascal's character of Rex is either be Rex Mason (who later becomes Metamorpho) or Rex Tyler (better known as Hourman).[15]


  • CONFIRMED! Cheetah will be the film's main villain.[16][17][10]
  • Circe will be the film's villain.[16]
  • Genocide will be the film's villain.[18]
  • CONFIRMED! According to sources from the Omega Underground portal, it would reveal who is behind the alias of the antagonist, being Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, the most current version of the character, chosen to carry the title of Cheetah. The description they gave was as follows: Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva (Wiig) is a British archaeologist who discovers the lost city of Uzkartagan. But when he stumbles upon an ancient ritual, he becomes the guest of the god Cheetah.
  • Maxwell Lord will appear.
  • Brother Eye/OMAC will appear.

Plot Edit

  • DEBUNKED! The sequel will take place in the present.[19]
  • It will take place in America.
  • The Invisible Jet will appear.[13]
  • Wonder Woman will run for president in the sequel.[13]
  • CONFIRMED! The film will be set in the 1980's.[3][20]
  • Diana will get a new armored suit.
  • CONFIRMED! The film will be set in 1984.

Production Edit

  • CONFIRMED! Patty Jenkins will return to direct.
  • DEBUNKED! This could be one of the films to be released either on February 14, 2020, or June 5, 2020.[21]
  • CONFIRMED! Filming will take place in Europe and America during the Cold War.
  • CONFIRMED! Filming will take place in Spain.
  • CONFIRMED! The film may be getting a new title as “Wonder Woman 1984”, or “Wonder Woman 84”.[14]

References Edit